One of the first things that visitors and prospective buyers of your property notices would as they walk into your home would be your flooring. Also, this can greatly provide them their first impression about your property. And as we know it, the first impression lasts. If you are still undecided about whether you should replace your carpet or not, here are surefire indicators that means you should remove that old carpet and replace it with a new Fort Wayne carpet. 


Mold and water damage 

Mold and water damage are two of the most obvious signs that you should get a new carpet as your flooring. Water stains are stubborn to remove and they are unsightly to look at. Water damage could be due to leaking pipes in your ceilings, kitchens, or bathrooms, especially in homes with multiple stories. Moreover, it can result in mildew stains and molds. Hence, you should guarantee to pay attention to your pipes and look for leaks that cause water damage.  

Wear and tear 

If your carpet undergoes wear and tear, it could make your home appear dirty and trashy regardless of how hard you try in cleaning it. Worn patches and tears, which are almost fraying, matting, see-through, and flat spaces usually becomes frayed and matted within 3-5 years. Upon installation, a carpet can only be anticipated to last for approximately 15 years. Hence, once your carpet begins to appear a bit beaten up, then you should take that as a sign that you need to replace it now. The common areas that cause carpets to wear and tear would be living areas, stairs, and hallways. 


Once your carpet has too many stains, which is impossible to save, now is the best time to buy some fresh carpets for your home. Typically, stains are just the outcome of usual wear and tear. Also, accidents occur and once they do, good luck in totally eliminating stains caused by coffee, mustard, or red wine. Having a dirty carpet can impact your property value. So, if you’re planning to rent or sell it, you can actually save more if you’re going to replace it right away.  


Smell is the first thing any visitor can observe upon coming into your house. And you should know that an old carpet definitely has a distinct special smell. Food stains, dirt, and feet allergens can make every carpet smell weird over time once they buildup. Once you carpet smells funky after trying everything you can to eliminate the stink, now is the time to change it into a new one. 


Carpeting has an intended timeframe. Usually, it only lasts between 5 up to 15 years.  A lot of people do not replace their carpeting that frequently, particularly landlords who want to save money. Typically, your carpeting easily gets aged in spaces that gets the most traffic, such as entrances, walkways, and hallways. If you think that your carpet is beginning to get old or it already shows old age, replace it now.