A lot of property owners like the hardwood floorings aesthetic on top of their value and quality to living spaces, giving a refined look to every home. Aside from that, hardwood flooring is made from authentic wood. Thus, it is developed to last longer than the other types of flooring while it offers your home a beautiful appearance. On the other hand, laminate flooring is produced to have a close resemblance to hardwood floors, however, it isn’t made from real wood. Regardless, the benefit that laminate flooring provides makes it a great option to choose to install as your new flooring. If you want to know them, keep on reading this article: 


Easy to install 

Thankfully, anyone can install laminate flooring since it is not that complex and it doesn’t need special tools or glue. The majority of laminate flooring that looks like hardwood floors is broken into smaller pieces, which makes it easier to do yourself and you don’t need to call an expert to install this. On the other hand, hardwood floorings could be challenging for people to install all on their own since special methods and equipment are required to efficiently do it. Equipment like a floor stapler are essential and though they might appear easy to utilize, it actually has a precise learning curve in order for you to properly operate them. 


Compared to hardwood, laminate flooring is much cheaper since it is not manufactured from actual trees. Rather, it is made of composite wood that’s pressed together under high temperatures. After that, a hardwood image is layered on top of the flooring. Consequently, the laminate flooring appears almost the same to the hardwood but at a lower cost. The expenses of installing a laminate floor are approximately 50 percent less compared to the expenses you could spend should you install hardwood floorings. 


If you own pets in your home, laminate flooring would be the best option to get as it gives scratch resistance again to the claws of your dogs or cats. Aside from that, you can stop the click-clack sound made by the claws of your dog if you use a thicker laminate flooring approximately about 12mm. On the other hand, hardwood flooring can be scratched easily, which easily ruins its surface.  

Environmentally friendly 

Laminate flooring could be set up in somewhat moist spaces, like the kitchen area or your bathroom. But you can’t install hardwood floors in a bathroom since it cracks and warps in response to the moisture around the area.  

Heating Flexibility  

If you are planning to setup and have radiant heating below your floors, you should think about choosing a laminate flooring. You cannot install this kind of heating if you choose hardwood flooring. 

We are hoping that this article has helped you decide which type of flooring is suitable for your needs and preferences. So, if looking for laminate flooring contractors near me to help you install either a new hardwood or laminate floors, reach Fort Wayne Flooring Business Site now.